donate:  1 for every 10


It all starts with your purchase.  We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.  That's why, with your help, for every 10 items purchased, we will donate a gift to a child in need.  Every month, we add up the total number of items purchased to find out how many gifts we get to give away.  We then carefully select the gifts to go directly to a child or young person in need.  The gift that you have helped to give, could change the way the young person thinks, they way they feel, inspire them to be something great, do something different or change the world for the better!


You also have the opportunity to be more directly involved with the giving.  You can purchase an item of your choosing to be donated to a child.  Just add a note to your purchase that you'd like it gifted to someone in need.  We'll ensure that your gift is delivered to just the right child or young person.  Why wait until Christmas to make a child feel special?!  Just imagine how they'll feel knowing that somebody cares about them.    


We offer all of our items, either toys, books or something for the home, to meet the needs of the child or young person.  We will figure out the average spend each month, along with how many items have been purchased, while gathering a mixture of items, to figure out what to give.  Remember, for every 10 items purchased, we'll give away 1!