The Land of Children, Our Story, How it all began

our story

Hi!  I'm Laura.  I'm a mother of three daughters and I'm at the beginning of a new adventure, one that will hopefully, with your help, lead to fulfilment & knowledge that we've helped contribute to the greater good.  The Land of Children was formed in May 2017 by myself, Laura Grabia, to bring inspiration, motivation and innovation to children of all ages.  It was designed as a place to find things with meaning and value.  Not only that, but as a way to give back to children and young people in need.

In 2014, after selling up our family home after just days on the market, I, along with my husband Sean and two daughters at the time, either sold or gave away nearly all of our worldly possessions.  At the time it was tough, there were tears and it was stressful.  Within six weeks we had managed to buy a caravan, a shipping container (to store one child's bed that was made by my husband, with some sentimental items and tools of the trade for Sean), book in for home schooling and wind down the business.

It was a mammoth effort in such a short time and many people did not believe that it was possible.  Through sheer determination, we were able to achieve the impossible.  After painstakingly sifting through all of our belongings, in the final hours, whatever that was left was given away.  What I was surprised to discover was that this actually felt good!  Knowing that they were going to people who were in need of these items made it so much easier.  So we set off on an adventure, indefinitely with the intention of travelling Australia with no set plans apart from heading north for the winter.

Fast forward to two years later, we returned with another child and a greater appreciation for things.  Living in a caravan indefinitely meant that you could not just shop for the sake of shopping, as there was limited space to put anything.  Each time we made a purchase it had to be something special, something of meaning and something that would last.  

This has lead me to the beginning of this business, with my children originally at the forefront of my mind and then realising that it could be something much bigger, with every child in mind.  My aim then became to provide all children, who would otherwise have very little, with something special and something to brighten their day, whether that's something inspiring, something to encourage creativity or a precious item that will hold sentimental value for years to come.  So with every 10 items purchased, one will be given to a child or young person in need.  Will you help?   

These Are Our Values

Meaningful Relationships

In a world of fast fashion, mass production and instantaneous gratification, we at The Land of Children take a pause to focus on what truly matters most: Family and meaningful relationships.


With a focus on design, manufacturing and distribution that is eco-friendly, we ensure that our decisions create a positive ripple effect as we ensure we leave our generation of tomorrow, an environment where they can truly thrive.

Each and every one of our products are hand-sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers, so you can feel confident knowing that you and your family are playing a part in minimising unnecessary landfill.

Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Our products are designed with purpose, and crafted to ensure longevity to enrich your child's learning and play, evoke meaningful relationships with the whole family and to provide you with a keepsake to cherish long beyond your child's use.

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