Rada is the youngest and only sister of her 78 brothers. Her dad continues the family tradition as a restaurant-critic in the 23rd generation. Rada loves the colors black and white and all shades in between.  But beware: She isn't a gray mouse at all! Her true passion is music and she plays the flute in a punk rock band with Buzz, Oleg, and Carl. Rada would like to be a wharf rat on a ship to travel around the world.


These handmade crochet dolls is so soft and would make a gorgeous gift for a baby or toddler. Inspired by a Lalylala Pattern and handmade in Denmark by a lovely lady, Maria. 

Rada The Rat - Handmade Crochet

  • 100% Cotton Wool on outside

    Rada is approximately 35cm.

    The colour you see may vary slightly due to the colour on your monitor. Although this doll is made to be very safe for babies, never leave your little ones unattended with it.  

    Care: Wash the product by hand with mild soap and warm water.