Hi!  I'm Gerry The Giraffe.  I have long legs that instead of making me elegant, make me rather clumsy.  I am constantly tripping over my feet and banging my head on branches.  My dream is to one day join the circus, not one with animals though which is cruel, but one with just the people.  I love eating, especially lollipops, mangoes and roses.  My best friend is Dirk the Dragon.         


100% Pure Cotton Wool outer.


Inspired by Lalylala Pattern and handmade in Denmark.

Gerry The Giraffe - Handmade Crochet

  • Gerry is approximately 35cm.


    The colour you see may vary slightly due to the colour on your monitor.  Although this doll is made to be very safe for babies, never leave your little ones unattended with it.


    Care: Wash the product by hand with mild soap and warm water.    

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